The work of a pharmacist

03 Aug

online pharmacyI’m a licensed Pharmacist and I am the owner of a Pharmacy and I am working with a team. I’m dying to differentiate you what it’s like to be a pharmacist. A typical day in a pharmacy, would be when we come in the morning, we get the computers on, then we make sure that everything has been ordered from the other night. The things that necessitate to be filled for that day. And the day begins where the talephone will start ringing and we start taking doctor phone calls and we’re getting refill requests from patients. We’re checking e-mails too. People e-mail us requests for refills to us if needed.

Duties of a Pharmacist

The duties of a pharmacist: checking a doctor’s prescription for accuracy and for correct dosage. I sometimes go to the hospital usually when a doc calls me for more accurate advice about the medication he is required to consecrate to the patient. We maintain patient profiles to prepare sure that nothing they’re taking interacts with anything else they choose. I require to see everything that we’re acting in terms of filling the prescriptions. That’s why it’s important for patients to keep up all of the prescriptions at one pharmacy, because we are essentially the final point that we can grab a fault or a drug interaction for a patient. So, it becomes a little difficult when people use many different doctors and many different pharmacies. We’re responsible to tell the patient on the side effects of the medication and counseling them on how much to take and when, also in what way to take the medication and what things to watch out for while taking the medication.

Insurance Companies

And then a great deal of the daytime is spent speaking to insurance companies when claims don’t get through and filling prescriptions, which entails grabbing pills from a bottle and putting them from a large bottle into a small bottle. Many times there were patient who is taking a big amount of medication so I am compounding. So, I do great deal of mixing medications from their pure powders and which means changing the dosage forms of some of those tablets and powders . I open in 6:00AM and close 10PM but I am available all the time for patient consolation. We don’t have time for a break like other jobs have because we are needed for the people to be always there, even there is a law for that, we are just allowed going to the restroom otherwise or closet for something more. The pharmacy must never be without a pharmacist in a minute there are always people in need. That is why a have employed more people so everyone can have their brake so there can be more shifts in the day because they need their rest and sleep too so they can make their work efficiently.

Well, everyone would say that I work for the good money, but I am not. I know that pharmacist is a very important branch of the medicine because, like I said mistakes are made in some prescriptions and we are the one that can see that so in the way we do really save peoples’ lives. Performing this job makes me smile all day knowing that what I give helps people that are ill. If you don’t like this job you can’t do it because you won’t be able to communicate with people and they have to be served with respect and kindness in order to make their day.
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The best job ever

02 May

Helping people

The best thing in the world is to help people, to be there for them when is most needed and to get the back on their feet. I have always wanted to make some kind of a difference in the world and the best way is to save peoples’ lives. So when the time came for me to choose higher education I was looking for a job that is some way I can help others. I took time carefully picking out my education. Studying wasn’t problem for me so for an excellent student like me, I thought that a pharmacist is the best thing. Chemist has the greatest character in preserving a person’s life by resolving the right medication for the and the right amount for them to take even make combination of medication for illnesses who needed more complicated treatment.

Learning pays off

Pharmacists must have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), A 4-year professional degree. They also must be licensed, which requires passing two exams. I can’t state that the studies were easy, even for me, but I was proud of myself that I knew a day will arrive when I will save peoples’ lives. I knew every inch of every book and every test which was an excellent outcome as the last two which hit me a licensed pharmacist and I simply couldn’t wait to start working.

Now I am working almost 4 years in a hospital and I had many cases that I helped people. In the hospital, I dispensed prescription medications to patients and offered expertise in the safe use of prescriptions. Many patients have asked me how to precede a healthy lifestyle, even conducted health and wellness screenings, I provided immunizations and oversee the medications given to patients.

The way you communicate to the patient is very important too. They need to hear what is best for them not to give them just to give them a short explanation without telling them what they should do with the medication they have been given, how to take it and if change the dosage if needed. There were times when doctors came to the best answer for their percent because many people get hold of a great deal of pills for their multiply illness and if wrongly applied and mixed can cause fatal consequences. The worse thing that happened was when a doctor prescribed to a patient with a bad mix of pills and the patient probably wasn’t consulted by the pharmacist where she had taken her medication. It was good that it was caught in time before making the patient worse, so the doctor came to me for a solution and he knew that it is better to consult with me before mixing pills.

I am elated that I have my dream job and that I am helping people, and I am trying my best to be there for the patient that needs me in every hour.
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Prescription mistake

01 Dec

Acute bronchitis

My illness began with a slight cough and a balmy temperature. I didn’t pay attention to it and I just took some medication that would stop the coughing and lower my temperature, but it didn’t help me and everything was getting worse. I hate getting to a physician, but it was a must. He told me that I had acute bronchitis. He scolds me why I didn’t come sooner, the temperature that I had was a result that I had a virus and because it wasn’t treated on time the lunges got affected by it. I remained one day in the hospital for an IV and for observation my situation. It was going better and I got cleared for home, they fed me a prescription that I needed to purchase. This was a great lesson for me, mild temperature can be a signal of something more dangerous, even for a little small you need to endure and visit a physician, or there is this interesting alternative, not necessarily optimal here.

Doctor visits are important

On my way home, I went to the drugstore that I always go to. I handed my prescription to the pharmacy technician whose job is to get ready my medication for a pick up. They told me that I need to wait for two hours, probably there is some mixing that have been performed. While I was waiting I was shopping some other material in the drugstore. I got some make up some grocery and some refreshing drinks to get me on my feet a little until the drugs starting to react. But not even 30 minutes passed I was called by the technician and when I showed the pharmacist came to me. He told me that the medication wasn’t suitable for me. It could make me worse. I was surprised what he told me so I asked how is that possible. Instead of answering my question he demanded me a question “did you went to your regular doctor?”. I told him that my regular doctor was at a meeting in another state. The physicist explained to me that the doctor didn’t have my history of illness and that the prescription will make my situation worse. He called my regular doctor and told what happened and got a permission to give me another medication. Thanks to the pharmacist now I am feeling great and alive that is more important.